Hey! I'm Dawid Żurowski, a

Product Designer

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Product Designer | Self-employed
Product Designer | Contract

When not working I’m likely designing buildings,  listening to a podcast or traveling the world

I’ve considered myself a designer since a young age, starting off with architecture and pivoting to product design, allowing me to combine my passions for digital design and business development.

My journey with business development began with supporting my parents in growing their business, helping with scaling their sales. This grew my passion for the business aspect of product design - supplying users with value, providing product-led growth and increasing revenue.

My journey in product design started from a bootcamp, under the eye of multiple mentors and working with numerous fellow designers on projects and product discovery. I later met my next two mentors at Boldare during my internship, where I learned from the best and began my journey with coworking with developers and clients in building applications and platforms with a focus on websites in Saudi Arabia. As of mid 2023, I've worked on digital products for 6 different clients in Europe and Saudi Arabia.

My Articles

The month of June saw a rich array of innovative changes in the world of product design with new interfaces for mixed reality and upcoming standards in designing for headsets. Topics for this month include the influence of Apple’s Vision Pro on user experience, a new and innovative approach towards QR codes, the controversial infinite scroll and its future, as well as the newest iteration of the well-known Double Diamond.

Google and Adobe are taking the lead in introducing the newest revolutionary AI tools worthy of every product designer’s attention. In this digest we will take a look at their newest additions and their capabilities. We also cover the future of accessibility as well as the evolution of typography from sources on the newest innovations in UX & UI design.


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